Welcome to Our Van Venture. We are Nathan and Emily and we are the owners of a beautiful Toyota Hiace.

We’re so stoked that you have stumbled across our page or made the effort to check it out.

For us, the idea about converting the van was all about the freedom to go and explore the beautiful country we live in. It provided us the ability to chase the sun, discover beautiful beaches, and scenery at the drop of a hat. We were sick of packing and unpacking our car with a swag and boxes of camping gear before and after every trip! This van and our lifestyle is really all about enjoying what life has to offer, seeking new experiences and getting out of the bubble we sometimes get stuck in.

We love sharing our adventures through our Instagram and this blog. You can read all about our latest travel adventures here as well as gain some useful tips and inspiration for your next trip, whether it be in a van, a tent, caravan, resort, or house! We got you covered. We will be sharing our van build and insights and hopefully we can help others through this process, so they can go out and experience new ventures.

If you were to see us out on the road, generally this is what you would see. Nathan surfing and Em telling him to hurry up, Em taking 1000s of photos and Nathan telling her to stop, eating bulk snacks, Nathan always waking Em up on her sleep in days to watch a sunrise, having a wine or beer watching a sunset, Nathan always winning finska, cooking up bacon and eggs on the reg and Em trying to surf but coming out crying after being smashed by a big wave.

Also, for anyone who is worried about roughing it while out camping or in the van, send Em a message and she can put your mind at ease. Before we started dating, Em had only been camping once! After a couple months of dating and a little persuading, we went on a weekend to Wilsons Prom in Vic and once she realised it wasn’t that bad, this whole van idea really kicked up a gear.

Our advice to you, do it! Take the plunge and do that trip or build that van that you have been talking about. Trust us you won’t regret it!

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