It’s just the two of us and a van we call home on the road


It’s just the two of us and a van we call home on the road  


Welcome to Our Van Venture. We are Nathan and Emily and we are the owners of a beautiful Toyota Hiace.

We’re so stoked that you have stumbled across our page or made the effort to check it out.

For us, the idea about converting the van was all about the freedom to go and explore the beautiful country we live in. It provided us the ability to chase the sun, discover beautiful beaches, and scenery at the drop of a hat. We were sick of packing and unpacking Nathan’s car with a swag and boxes of camping gear after every trip! This van and our lifestyle is really all about enjoying what life has to offer, seeking new experiences and getting out of the bubble we sometimes get stuck in.


‘The Old Girl’ is a 2001 Toyota Hiace with a bunch of quirks!

After months of research, we found the Hiace to be the most reliable second hand van on the market. As we were buying an old van, we were told Hiaces were easy to get parts for and cheaper to fix then other vans. But what really sealed the deal for us was the long wheel base, which allowed us some extra space inside of the van. After a trip out to the Western Suburbs of Melbourne and a visit to old mate Samsur, we became owners of our very own van!


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